Hastings Financial is part of the Advice Evolution network of financial advisers who independently own their businesses and are supported by the resources of a boutique Australian Financial Services Licensee (AFSL).

Advice Evolution was founded in 2012 by three partners, financial planners David Harris, Grant Simpson and Anthony Stedman. 

We are a collective group of professional advisers sharing a core set of values and beliefs that drive our thinking. Our future is founded on these core principles:

  • Our business model must support our desire to work in the client's best interests
  • We strive to belong to a motiviated, ambitious and high quality group of professionals determined to be different
  • We seek a direct influence in the decisions of the licensee that affect our future
  • We want to be rewarded equitably for the value created by our businesses

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Advice Evolution Pty Ltd ABN 66 137 858 023, AFSL 342880.