Dear Martin,

After being involved with you and your company as our financial advisor since 1990, a period of some 25 years, I have decided to commit to writing, and convey our sincere thanks for your financial guidance and friendly advice over this extended period.
We all know that over that period we have been through a variety of economic cycles, including the recent GFC, but to your credit, both personally and as a business, you have always produced the correct answer for our ongoing financial benefit.
It goes without saying that during this extended period, Doris and I have and will continue to recommend you and your company highly to any person looking for sound financial advice, given willingly and without pressure as to any decision they may wish to make. 
You have the ability to get and keep personal financial requirements on an even keel, with correct risk and reward analysis, and for us this has been the basis of our retirement and estate planning. 
We thank your for your guidance and help in the past and look forward to our continued association. 
Please feel free to use this letter as a recommendation of your available services.

Kind Regards,
G.L.W 4034,
August, 2015